AIMS of Wise Woman Weekend

  • To create an event for diverse women at various stages on their path to wisdom to celebrate the feminine in themselves, each other and nature, at whatever level they are comfortable with.
  • To introduce a broad range of life-enhancing topics and activities that women may not have the opportunity to explore in their everyday experience.
  • To foster an ethos of care with respect to ourselves, our natural world, and others.
  • To remember the ancient Irish culture and heritage and favour earth-centred wisdom and tradition.
  • To promote a culture of sharing, self-reliance and creative collaboration and avoid unmediated commercialisation of the weekend.
  • To gather in a circle where there is no hierarchy - each woman is as important as her sister on either side and is honoured for her unique gifts.
  • To encourage a supportive, rejuvenating, nurturing and playful environment where women become confident in their ability to create positive change in themselves and in their relationships, family and community.


Wise Woman Weekend is a not-for-profit organisation run on volunteer energy. Everyone, from the Vision Team to the workshop facilitators, gives their time and energy freely to make this wonderful weekend for women possible each year. 
After the closing ceremony, we invite you to stay and join us for the AGM of Wise Woman Weekend and to begin 'Dreaming Wise Woman 2018' into being. You are then welcome to join the Vision Team and become part of the planning process for the next Wise Woman Weekend..


A choice of 3 Workshops out of 9

We offer a full weekend programme, but with plenty of breathing space and time to relax. Throughout the weekend you are welcome to take part in an ongoing collaborative creative project.

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