Workshops 2018 Summary

We offer a rich array of workshops to help nurture and support women as we rise into the fullness of our being. Choose three workshops out of the nine on offer.

NOTE: You can attend ONE workshop from each time slot.

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WORKSHOP 1: Saturday 9.30am - 12.00 noon


Rosablla Jordan                                                                                                                                  Weaving the threads of breath, vibration & movement.

A subtle and mindful way of working that gives space to integrate the practice.                                      It weaves together threads of many disciplines. The Tools are Breath, Vibration, Resonance and Movement. Taking time to connect with the Earth and grow our roots allows us to release & undo knots and blocks on many levels.  A knot in a piece of string often releases with gentle shaking and teasing.  The different levels of our being welcome such an approach and respond by unfolding, releasing.  It’s a journey that offers us a return to Home.  To balance, realignment and connection with Inner Stillness, Heart’s Ease, a hug for self.


For nearly 40 years Rosabella has been deepening her practice & sharing her experience of working with the body.  Her passion has given her a deep understanding of the many levels of its workings and lead to a creative practice that interweaves the the strands of her professional life.  The warp is the yoga of Vanda Scaravelli (Awakening the Spine).  The weft, the threads that were drawn in along the way from: a Zen & Healing Shiatsu practice; vibration & resonance, through breath, sound healing, the chakras, the elements and the Naked Voice (Chloe Goodchild); more recently Shamanic practice, Celtic archetypes & the Sacred Feminine.  This fusion of ideas, offers a practice that works with the core and spreads outwards.  It’s a search for a return to harmony, alignment and Inner Stillness.  She teaches in Ireland and the UK


Tracey Jean Yappa


Drawing on ancient stories and traditions in a creative exploration of the themes  of peace and homeplace.

This workshop is Arts and Crafts and Creative Visualisation brought together to bring inspiration to the creative and colour to the visualisation. We will explore  the concept of home as a place of peace, We will draw on the wisdom of our ancestors, and the wisdom of tribal cultures around the world to focus on peace, in our homes, our communities, our countries, and our world. Using creative visualization techniques and expressing our selves artistically. Tracey will guide each participant to express and create an ornate symbol of their vision of peace and homeplace  to take home with them as a souvenir of their adventure with Wise Woman Weekend.


I am an imaginative and Creative Artist, with many years’ experience in a wide range of artistic techniques, I have also lectured on permaculture, and led guided wildflower and nature walks. I am accomplished in the communication and sharing of techniques and knowledge to community groups of all ages. I have studied sculpture, fine art, and a wide variety of crafting techniques, and I am currently studying Druidry at the Bardic Grade. A passion for the natural world has led to life long learning on many of the diverse expressions of our beautiful Earth  I hold an open college network level 3 certificate in facilitation skills, and a  National Diploma in Graphic Design, I am also a self-employed crafter, and published illustrator.  The making and sharing of art often inspired by nature is a lifelong passion, a journey of constantly unfolding magic, colour, and beauty, through which I express my temporal, and spiritual place in the world.


Bettina Peterseil

This workshop is an invitation to reflect with the help of exercises, pictures and poetry on the universal theme of home and to ask ourselves the question: where and what is ‘home’ for each of us individually? We will explore this question using the tool of writing and also by listening to and sharing with one another. No previous writing experience is necessary, only curiosity to explore on a deeper level.




Bettina Peterseil  moved 33 years ago from the continent to the West of Ireland  where she built her home from scratch, together with her husband and tended the land and planted many trees and  has educated her children at home. In the past she has facilitated many soul writing workshops in various formats and based on various themes within the community and further afield. She loves to inspire other people to go within, to open their heart and soul and express themselves from that place, find greater clarity and access their own inner answers and find deeper understanding on how to live their lives and gain insights and all this with just the willingness of making time for themselves,to go within and the  simple tool of writing .Bettina has recently published  a poetry compilation called’ for crying out loud-voice of an exile.


WORKSHOP 2: Saturday 2.30pm - 5pm

Claire Louise Knifton

Movement, celebrating our return home through intention  and dance.

Through intention, movement and dance we create a sacred space  honouring and celebrating our homecoming to ourselves and each other.  Weaving the threads of  body, heart and mind into a cloth of gold we open to new adventures  of delight, expansion and wholeness.




I am a Facilitator of Vital Development, Mindful Movement and Dance and Dancing The Rainbow who has danced passionately since the age of 2 years!

Previously a Counsellor now practising as a Clairvoyant and Psychic Consultant I bring my love of the esoteric to my dance workshops, inviting the Ancestors, Spirit and The Angels to accompany us as we journey into altered states in the dance.

Born in London I have lived in rural County Sligo for the last 18 years with my 3 amazing children who are gradually flying the nest causing their Mother to test her own wings in new directions once more! 


Annah Knight

Weaving fibres that connect us to each other


What is it like to Welcome? And to be welcomed? The Irish are known for their Céad Mile Fáilte, open arms and warmth. We have a rich tapestry of travel and sharing our culture with the world. In this workshop, there is a chance to explore the fibres that represent each of us and to intertwine them with all the cultures and people who have made Ireland their home. An eclectic mix of yarns, stories and experiences. This is a hands on weaving workshop with a big range of wool from alpaca to merino to cotton. Lots of mixed media and found objects too and a chance to gather from the world outside and incorporate it into each individual piece. Everyone is invited to bring something that represents ‘Welcome’ in their world. We are so rich in our community as a result of the mix of many cultures and here is a chance to honour that. 


Annah Knight is a fibre artist with a degree in textile design from NCAD where she specialised in weaving. Annah has worked in the area of community arts for a number of years and runs various art/craft classes and lives with her 4 boys, a dog and a crazy cat.                         


Catherine Maguire

Discover and embody the threads of your medicine blanket.                                            We live in challenging times, and amidst the fear, confusion and the frustration you have probably asked yourself “What can I do?” or “How can I make a difference?”  It is not everyone’s calling to embrace the Yang energy of activism.  For some there is a calling to Yin, to the feminine path, but what does that look like in real life?  This workshop is an invitation to explore and embody through storytelling, shamanic journeying and wisdom sharing the energetic threads that make up your Medicine Blanket.  Our Medicine is drawn from our roots, our gifts and our dreams; it is our offering to the world.


Catherine Maguire grew up on a farm on the east coast of Ireland. Her childhood nurtured in her a profound sense of connection to nature and to the rhythmical nature of the seasons and life itself.  She travelled the world exploring tantra, shamanism and energy medicine, studying with traditional and not so traditional healers along the way.  She returned to Ireland understanding that everything she needed was right there, inside herself; all the wisdom, all the healing, and all the magic. Catherine offers a rich and deep experience to help you access your own wisdom.  She shares transformational tools gleaned from walking the path of personal growth and spirituality for over 20 years.  She walks between worlds but as a farmer’s daughter, her approach is practical and grounded. Her heart’s desire is to help people live in harmony with themselves, the people in their lives, and with the earth.


WORKSHOP 3: Sunday 9.30am - 12.00 noon

Bee Smith


Myth, motherlines, our place in creation: weaving our story

This workshop uses Grandmother Spider as our guiding spirit – She who knits the world together, the creatrix. As a mother goddess she is both weaver and synonymous with home. In  this creative writing workshop we will spin the thematic thread of our motherlines, personal myth, archetypes; we will explore connections and action that are the cloth of our story; then cut the thread to create a mandala web with our words. Stories make connections. They can also knit the social fabric of family and community. Let us weave stories that nourish us, making us as strong as Grandmother Spider’s webs.


Bee Smith is a writer, tour guide and creative writing tutor based in the West Cavan part of Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark. Her poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction have been published online and in print journals in the USA, UK and Ireland; she is on the Irish Arts Council’s Writers in Prison panel. Her blog Crone from Corrogue appears on the Sagewoman blogsite. 



Sat Kaur Khalsa

Sherrie Scott

Creative Expressive Movement. 

Using Kundalini Yoga Chakra Dance, we invoke Kundalini Shakti, the Primal Feminine Force of the Universe. Dance ceremonies have been inherent in earth-based cultures since the beginning of human existence as a way of literally moving us into and through internal transformations.Through this process, we will more fully embody our authentic selves and bypass the cultural conditioning and mental processes that keep us stuck in patterns that do no longer serve, that do not give life. "When I dance, I learn new things through my body that I can't possibly get at with my mind." 


Sat Kaur Khalsa is a certified Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer and Beyond Addiction Lead Trainer who has studied Kundalini Yoga since 1990. An avid life-long learner in numerous healing and movement practices, she facilitates local and international training programs as well as leading retreats worldwide. Sat Kaur lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and is passionately committed to support women in achieving their infinite potential through the gifts of these sacred teachings.

Philippa McAleer

Weave for us that which we have unraveled.

A look inside us to draw out our creativity using bicycle wheel weaving. A short meditation to start the session to center us before we begin, go outside and collect things from nature that attract us including anything personal to add to the work eg fabric, buttons, laces etc that would have personal significance to them.There will be a range of yarns and ribbons supplied to choose and each person can weave their own wheel that is pre-threaded for them, this will be a round weave consisting of materials personal to each person as the weaving can be as big or small as each person can choose.When finished we will have collected sticks from our walk to mount it to. Latching the woven piece onto the frame makes for an excellent mount that can be hung from the wall.


My name is Philippa McAleer, I have facilitated many workshops using print, weave, dying and felting.

Although I mostly work with adults that live with intellectual disabilities, My scope extends to all who are wanting to explore creativity in new and exciting ways. My workshops are fun and relaxed, aimed at harnessing your creative side that we all have, we just need to find it! I fell into weaving by chance at University, The opportunity arose to give it a go and I loved it so much that I have been Weaving now for 6+ years. Currently I am the Weavery Workshop Coordinator for Camphill Clanabogan where I design warps in various patterns using different techniques in many different colours that we achieve by hand dyeing majority of our yarns to make each piece personal and bespoke. Weaving and Hand dying are my artistic passion, Working with the materials really allows my individuality and creativity to flow into my work creating a unique piece every time.


A choice of 3 Workshops out of 9

We offer a full weekend programme, but with plenty of breathing space and time to relax. Throughout the weekend you are welcome to take part in an ongoing collaborative creative project.

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